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At-risk students who fall even moderately behind academic benchmarks early in high school are unlikely to catch up and become college ready before they graduate.

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Our College Ready grant provided $4.2 million in funding to nine colleges, universities and community-based organizations that administered programs to help high school students on the cusp of college readiness in English and math. Grant partners provided extra academic instruction to a combined 850 students during their junior and senior years. With extra attention and one-on-one instruction from qualified teachers and tutors, the aim was to boost students' chances for success in college-level courses that are key to ultimately earning a degree or other credential.

We were encouraged that data submitted by grant partners showed improved student performance after just two semesters of services. Following spring 2016 testing, programs using the ACT assessment reported average increases in baseline math scores from 17 to 19 and average increases in baseline English scores from 16 to 18—ACT's benchmark for college readiness. The math benchmark is 22. Unfortunately, this improvement did not continue into the students' senior year of high school. After the first semester of the students' senior year, the average math score went down to 18 and the average English score remained at 18. We are working with our grant partners to explore the factors that might have halted further gains.

The College Ready Grant period concluded in August 2017, and data analysis will be complete in early 2018. We look forward to increasing our understanding of how and why our grant partners developed and implemented interventions, as well as learning what worked and what didn't throughout the project.

We have not yet determined our plans for future grants aimed at increasing college readiness. Watch our Philanthropy Newsletter for updates regarding the grant calendar.

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Contact Program Manager Supervisor Nikki Wachter at nwachter@glhec.org or (877) 889‑3299.

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