Expanding the Reach

Scaling Grants

Currently Funded Programs Include:


Logo for Reverse Transfer

Many students who've transferred to a four-year institution would be eligible for a credential if credits could be transferred back to the community college they previously attended.


As many as 1 in 3 college freshman drop out Snapshot Report – First-Year Persistence and Retention, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, 2017

To help freshman women successfully tackle the challenges of transitioning into college life, we're funding the creation of an online support community designed to build confidence and increase persistence.

UIA Completion Grants

Image of invoice marked paid

Working with universities to ensure that a small unpaid campus bill is not a barrier for at-risk students nearing graduation.

Aligning Education and Employment Equity

Local Labor demand, equitable degree programs

We're supporting the Aspen Institute as they develop practical tools to help community colleges nationwide strengthen employer collaborations.


Strong Start to Finish

Focusing on the way students enter college and progress through the first year to propel them to earn degrees and credentials.

Better Academic Probation Letters

Revising probation notification to help more students graduate

College Transition Collaborative is working to develop and share guidance with colleges about how to craft financial aid probation letters that meet federal requirements and convey their commitment to helping students succeed.

WTCS Student Success Center

National network expands to Wisconsin

Moving the needle on two-year college completion requires integration of varied student success efforts. We're partnering with Jobs for the Future to bring the national Student Success Center model to Wisconsin's technical colleges.

Tools of the Trade Apprentice Scholarships

1.1 million dollars awarded to apprentices to date

Apprenticeships lead to good jobs, but for many it's a rocky financial road getting there, with little aid and big expenses for equipment and clothing. But $1,500 makes the going easier.

Dash Emergency Grant

unexpected expenses can create financial strain, leading to dropped classes- or dropping out altogether

For low-income college students, unexpected expenses like car repairs or medical bills often lead to dropping out. But these micro-grants can quickly and effectively change that.

Improving Latino Student Success

Supporting ATD's new and enhanced coaching service. *The Condition of Education, NCES, April 2017

Latino students are less likely to earn a postsecondary degree than any other ethnicity. To help narrow the achievement gap, we're funding Excelencia in Education as they implement proven completion strategies at eight Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).

Achieving the DreamTM Coaching Grant

Supporting ATD's new and enhanced coaching service.

Achieving the Dream's network of colleges will now receive more customized support for reform efforts aimed at increasing student success.

Guided Pathways

Keeping students on the path to graduation

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, only 39% of community college students graduate within six years. There are many initiatives currently underway to improve that number, and one of the most promising is guided pathways, a more efficient, well-defined path through college that can increase graduation rates.

Dana Center New Mathematics Pathways Grant

Nearly all college students take algebra by default, but only half pass the class. The New Mathways Project challenges the status quo with three math pathways to boost student achievement and support their career goals.

APLU Completion


APLU has proven that small grants—often just a few hundred dollars—can help low-income students finish college. Together with Lumina Foundation, we're funding college completion grants on nine college campuses.

Career Ready
Internship Grant

Internships improve graduation rates and job prospects, but are often unpaid and impossible for students needing a paying job. This grant creates PAID internships exclusively for these students.

CIRTL Network

80% of STEM PHD's in the U.S. are granted at only 100 research universities

By preparing STEM graduate students to be effective in both lab and classroom, we hope to prevent many talented undergrads from leaving STEM majors due to uneven teaching quality.


Three times the success in half of the time

Statway® and Quantway® are new ways of teaching math—and they blow traditional dev ed completion rates out of the water. So we're learning what it takes to convince more community colleges to make the switch.


Five times more likely to graduate

Earning a college degree can break the cycle of poverty. Making it possible for thousands more low-income students: intensive coaching and support that follows them from high school through college.


College going rate: more than eighty%

Combine rigorous tutoring, steady mentoring and summer internship experiences and you get more engaged high schoolers. You also get a significant majority going on to college.

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