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Too often, financial emergencies spell the end of college for low-income students

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2012-2015 Emergency Grant for Two-Year Colleges

In 2012, we awarded $1.5 million to establish emergency grant programs at each of the 16 colleges of the Wisconsin Technical College System. During the three-year grant period, nearly 2,700 students received emergency grants averaging $500.

College-reported data indicates that, over the three years of the program, 73% of Pell-eligible emergency grant recipients either graduated or remained enrolled. By comparison, the National Center for Education Statistics reports a 59% retention rate for all students at public two-year institutions.

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2012-2015 Emergency Grant Closing Report

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Our 16 partner colleges share valuable insights about what makes a successful emergency grant program. This is a great resource for anyone looking to start a new program or improve an existing one.

"I have students tell me, 'This has made the difference between me coming to class Monday or not.' Many of our students have obstacles coming to college, even before they step foot in the front door. Every hurdle mounts up, so if we can just keep their path a little more clear, we just see greater student success."

Aliesha Crowe, Executive Director, Chippewa Valley Technical College Foundation & Alumni Association

October 19, 2017

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