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Easily understand and navigate the consolidation origination process.

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Great Lakes makes it simple to communicate with us about Direct Consolidation loans. From the Consolidation Origination Services tool, which allows you to view Direct Consolidation loan information from Great Lakes and send us your responses, to the robust reference resources available when you need them on Support Central, we're here to help you understand and efficiently handle the Direct Loan Consolidation process.

How it Works

See how the Direct Loan Consolidation process works, including your role.

How It Helps You

Find helpful resources and information in one easy-to-view grouping on Support Central so you can quickly locate what you need.

Safely send and receive loan information to Great Lakes to facilitate the payoff and consolidation process from one convenient location with Consolidation Origination Services.

Understand your role in the Direct Loan Consolidation process.

Connecting with Schools

The Direct Consolidation Loan program puts the power of choice in your student loan customers' hands. It gives them the opportunity to select qualifying loans to be consolidated and paid off with a new Direct Consolidation loan, for which only one monthly payment is required. And as one of four servicers students can select from to service their new Direct Consolidation loan, Great Lakes has many tools and resources available to support you as you counsel your student loan customers on making educated decisions about whether Direct Consolidation is right for them.