ScholarNet® for Private Loans

Automates the online exchange and management of private student loan data

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Dependably serving schools since 1999, ScholarNet® for Private Loans automates the online exchange and management of private student loan data. Powered by the best features and support in the industry, schools across the nation use this CommonLine-compliant tool, often in combination with our Central Disbursement Service (CDS) to process private loans smoothly, efficiently, and reliably.

How It Helps You

Connects your school to hundreds of private loan providers and over 1,200 loan programs.

Eliminates data collection, manipulation, and aggregation tasks to free up your staff's valuable time.

Includes advanced reporting tools; reports are delivered by subscription or on-demand to Report Inbox.

Accessible from any Internet-connected computer and doesn't require IT staff support from your school.

Supporting Students

With ScholarNet's user-friendly interface, your day-to-day private loan processing tasks are straightforward and simplified, so you'll have more time to spend with students who need one-on-one assistance. ScholarNet gives you access to the information you need to effectively manage the private loan process for your student loan customers.

Ready to Go

The ScholarNet move-in process is quick and easy. Your dedicated Great Lakes representative will manage all the details, including ongoing, personalized support once you're up and running.

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Complete a Simple Form:

You confirm your plans to use ScholarNet with your Great Lakes representative and complete a simple form describing your preferences (no contract needed)...

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...Your rep works with our operational team to quickly configure the details and options you've chosen.

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Reach Out:

Then, we reach out to lenders to make your connection seamless and ensure proper routing...

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...and lenders confirm their systems are ready to go.

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We acknowledge your participation with a welcome email and offer training so you're ready to go from Day One.

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Ready to Go!

You decide whether training is needed, and then you're good to go. It's as easy as that!

[My Great Lakes representative] assisted me every step of the way to ensure all the lenders were properly informed and had everything needed to make our transition [to ScholarNet] as smooth as possible.

Dawn Hobbs, Rochester Institute of Technology