Central Disbursement Service

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Simplifies your day-to-day processes to efficiently manage private loan disbursements

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How It Helps You

  • Instantly connects your school to hundreds of private loan providers across the country
  • Frees up valuable staff time by eliminating data collection, manipulation, and aggregation tasks
  • Accessible from any Internet-connected computer and doesn't require IT staff support from your school
  • Coordinates with your school's certification process or works seamlessly with ScholarNet® for Private Loans

What it does

Creates One Roster and Disbursement

Allows for Preferences and Adjustments

Simplifies Return of Funds

Easily Accessible Reports

Helping Students

Streamlining and centralizing disbursement frees up your much-needed time to work one-on-one with students or on other pressing matters within your office that can benefit students.

Success Story

University of Pittsburgh Streamlines Private Loan Processing, Improves Student Service

In May 2015, the University of Pittsburgh decided to automate the processing of private loans. See how, six months later, they had realized a nearly 60 percent time savings to process a private loan.

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