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Cohort Catalyst™

An Attigo Student Success Solution.
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Comprehensive Student Loan Repayment Support

With tight budgets and limited resources, a default management tool just isn't enough. You need a comprehensive student loan repayment support solution from a partner who can drive student success to new heights. Cohort Catalyst is being built from the lessons we've learned by keeping millions of borrowers out of default and on the road to success. It uses best-in-class technology and an expert outreach team to identify which students need help, when they need it, and how to provide it. As part of the broader Attigo student success solution set, Cohort Catalyst can work independently or in concert with other Attigo tools to drive better outcomes.

Interested in learning more? We'll keep you informed as we approach Cohort Catalyst's release.

How It Helps You

  • Drives student repayment success up and default rates down
  • Manages Cohort Default Rates (CDRs), avoids regulatory consequences, and becomes an integral part of your cohort management and student success strategies
  • Delivers expert counseling and default prevention to help your students in need
  • Minimizes your staff's workload while maximizing student loan customer support
  • Affordably reaches out to student loan customers, especially those at risk
  • Delivers peace of mind by alerting you to possible CDR impact
  • Complies with privacy laws and student loan regulations
  • Build trust that you are invested in helping your students succeed
  • Ensures we're meeting your needs by measuring and reporting on our performance
  • Works in tandem with other Attigo solutions for holistic support with a trusted partner

What it Does

  • Repayment support during delinquency
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Inbound call center
  • Default prevention counseling:
    • Proven strategies from helping millions of borrowers avoid default
    • Call modeling for consistency
    • Engaging and respectful communications to maximize borrower success
    • Comprehensive and continuous counselor training
  • Provides reporting to gain up-to-date insight on borrowers and performance
  • Skip trace research

How it Helps Students

  • Gets students on the road to repayment success, and keeps them there
  • Builds trust that you are invested in helping your students succeed
  • Promotes successful repayment solutions

Success Story

Repayment Solutions Superheroes: Not An Urban Myth

Over the past 10 years, an elite Great Lakes group has helped 4.8 million borrowers avoid default and its crippling consequences. With more than two Federal Direct loan borrowers defaulting every minute, these superheroes are needed more than ever.

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