Default Prevention Outreach

Connect your students with loan information and help with wise borrowing, repayment planning, and resolving delinquency. Our tools, training, and outreach services expand your default prevention skill set to drive student loan repayment success.

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Portfolio navigator & action center

Filter, view, and use secure data for prioritized outreach to help all your students prepare for and succeed in repayment.

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Join us for helpful training on a wide variety of essential student success and default management training topics.


knowledge center

Access a wealth of Great Lakes-created resources designed to help students understand and manage their loans.

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What to do when making default prevention calls

Use our call guide's tips and talking points to contact students directly to resolve repayment issues.

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Default Management Hotline

Quickly and easily connect your Great Lakes-serviced borrowers with expert help from Client Services to resolve their delinquency. Contact your Great Lakes representative to get started.

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Need Help Managing Default Prevention Outreach?

Cohort Catalyst is a comprehensive student loan repayment support solution to drive student success up and defaults down.