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Default Management

Venn diagram showing School Outreach, Great Lakes Solution, Student Repayment Success

Your Default Management Efforts Matter

More than just minimizing your cohort default rate (CDR), targeted outreach efforts are a great way to help past students succeed in life outside the classroom. Even simple steps to connect current students to their loan servicer can make a big difference down the line.

Our Solutions Make Default Management Easy

Maximize your efforts by streamlining your current strategy, or use our resources to get started with default management. Either way, our solutions help you be more effective. Some suggestions to get started:

  • Connect students with their servicer while they're enrolled.
  • Track your school's CDR as it develops.
  • Identify borrowers who could benefit from repayment support.
  • Execute school-branded outreach, or have it conducted on your behalf.

Get Started!

Create your plan using the products and support that are right for you—and help all of your borrowers successfully repay.

Additional Resources to Make an Impact

Get all the support materials you need.

Visit the Default Management section of Support Central »

Success Story

Blake Austin College Takes Default Prevention In-House with Action Center

See how Blake Austin College is saving time, while helping more students repay their loans.

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