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Loan Servicing

Loan Servicing Support and Expertise

We recognize student loans are just one part of the complex financial aid process, so we do more than just provide student borrowers with the best service possible. We apply our nearly 50 years of experience to offering solutions and expertise that make things easier for you – and enable you to spend more time helping students.

Solutions that Make Helping Students Easier for You

Help that's difficult to access isn't very useful. That's why virtually all of our tools, resources, and people can be found or accessed through

You'll find reliable information, how-to documents, news, and user-friendly tools. We're your go-to resource for managing federal loans, private loans, financial literacy and default management efforts, loan origination, data and reports, policy and compliance, and more.

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You're here, so take a look around, try out some of our solutions, and start streamlining your day. Or, contact your rep to set up your website account and get a complete tour of all our time-saving solutions for you.



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Success Story

University of Kentucky College of Dentistry Appreciates Great Lakes Service

In Listening Sessions held by Great Lakes, Financial Aid Coordinator Don Brown shared a story about positive results achieved from connecting a student's girlfriend with Great Lakes' Client Services team for much-needed repayment help.

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