Outdated Contact Information Report

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Support your student loan customers by helping us stay in touch with them—so we can keep them informed

Contact your Great Lakes representative to get started.

How It Helps You

  • Emails alert you when new electronic reports are available
  • Quickly, securely, and conveniently submits updated contact information
  • Assists with your CDR reduction strategy

What it does

Allows Access to the Tool from the Report

Enables Secure and Convenient Updates

Works With Borrower Status Tool

Helping Students

Encouraging students to stay in touch with you-- and their loan servicer-- is critical to their repayment success.

"Great Lakes most definitely listens to the schools. I requested an electronic version of the paper skip trace requests. [Our Great Lakes representative] heard my plea at a state financial aid conference and... implemented such a process within a few short months."

- Elena Oliver, San Jacinto College