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Private Loan Processing

Private Loans: Streamlined and Simplified

Private loans play an important role in helping your students to enroll and complete school. But processing those loans shouldn't take valuable time you need to complete other tasks vital to supporting students.

Solutions Tailored to Your Workflows

ScholarNet® is an online private loan certification and disbursement solution that streamlines your private loan processing efforts. FastChoice™ helps students compare, choose, and understand their private loan options.

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Set-up is fast and simple, and you'll have our experienced Client Services team to guide you. Free webinars help you see how to make the most of our private loan solutions, and your Great Lakes representative meets with you regularly to ensure things are working optimally.

Learn more, or contact your rep to discuss your specific needs and get started.

Private loan processing resources

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Useful resources support you as you use our tools to process your private loans.

Private Loan Solutions

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Provides support and guidance during the private loan education and lender selection process

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Automates the online exchange and management of private student loan data

Success Story

University of Pittsburgh Streamlines Private Loan Processing, Improves Student Service

In May 2015, the University of Pittsburgh decided to automate the processing of private loans. See how, 6 months later, they had realized a nearly 60 percent time savings to process a private loan.

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