Report Inbox

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Access and manage all of your data and reports in one convenient location

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How It Helps You

  • Displays all of your reports in one convenient location
  • Offers several flexible and user-friendly formats for report options to suit your needs
  • Serves up the reports you need through subscriptions to recurring reports sent to you automatically, or custom reports you run on-demand
  • Simplifies delinquency outreach with access to helpful and secure data

What it does

Manages Reports

Provides On-Demand Reports

Sends Reports Automatically

Allows for Optional Report Notifications

Allows You to Set Preferences

Helping Students

Managing critical information securely and efficiently helps you provide the best possible service and support to your students.

"We no longer have to search for pending certifications or disbursements. Great Lakes monitors these and generates a report that is emailed to us when certification is pending and to let us know of upcoming disbursements."

- Tonia Gallimore, Funding Coordinator, Bethel University - McKenzie