ScholarNet® for Private Loans

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Automates the online exchange and management of private student loan data

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How It Helps You

  • Instantly connects your school to hundreds of private loan providers and over 1,200 loan programs
  • Frees up valuable staff time by eliminating data collection, manipulation, and aggregation tasks
  • Reports are conveniently delivered by subscription or on-demand to Report Inbox
  • Accessible from any Internet-connected computer and doesn't require IT staff support from your school

What it does

Flags Errors

Notifies You of Tasks

Provides Customized Search

Displays Common Search Results

Provides an Audit Trail

Helping Students

A user-friendly interface and streamlined processing flow help you certify loans, error-free and with a minimum of hassle, for more time spent with students.

"We love using ScholarNet to certify Alternative Loans for our students. The product is user-friendly and if we do have questions, the customer service is fantastic!"

- Donna King, Financial Aid, Morehead State University