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Upcoming Holiday Reminder: What's the Impact on Your Financial Aid Office?

January 4, 2019

There's a holiday coming up. Will Great Lakes be open for business? If you use Central Disbursement Service (CDS) to automate private loan disbursements, are you wondering if the holiday will impact your disbursement dates?

Holiday Dates and Great Lakes Closures

While we don't know when you're taking your next vacation, we do know when holidays will fall in 2019, and how they impact Great Lakes closures. It's easy to find this information in How Holidays Affect CDS Loan Disbursements on Support Central.

For Central Disbursement Service Users

If you use Central Disbursement Service (CDS) to automate disbursement of private loans at your school, you may have additional questions about the upcoming holiday, and future holidays in 2019. Everything you need can be found in How Holidays Affect CDS Loan Disbursements.

For Day of Week Schools and More Information

If your CDS disbursement preferences are set up so you receive disbursements only on a particular day of the week, you may experience a delay in receiving your disbursement due to holiday schedules. Please contact Client Services if you have questions or want to make a change to your disbursement schedule to accommodate the approaching holiday.

What is Central Disbursement Service?

If you're still processing private loans manually, or using multiple originators and ACH accounts for your disbursements, maybe it's time to consider a more efficient solution that can end your disbursement headaches. CDS works seamlessly with ScholarNet® to provide a single point of access for disbursing funds from all your private loan lenders. Visit the CDS page on the Financial Aid Professionals portal, or contact your Great Lakes representative for more information or to get started.


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