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Our 2016 Philanthropy Report is Now Available

March 13, 2017
A student sitting and smiling.

At Great Lakes we work to make postsecondary degrees, credentials, and certificates accessible to as many students as possible. We focus our education philanthropy on those who traditionally have the most to gain from college, but have the least support in getting there: students from low-income homes, students of color and first-generation students.

As you'll read in the Report, we believe improving completion rates requires focus on both students and institutions—with success being their shared goal.

In 2016, we awarded over 50 grants that promote fresh—as well as proven—approaches to resolving many long-standing challenges. Some are centered on students. Others address hurdles to graduation that are beyond students' control, rooted in the practices and policies of the colleges they attend. Together we hope to produce a body of evidence-based findings we can share and build upon for the benefit of future generations.

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