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Great Lakes Shares Case Studies to Highlight Important Financial Literacy Efforts

April 3, 2017
Guiding Students To Financial Wellness Report Cover

Many of the factors that shape success for students relate to their ability to navigate financial decisions like budgeting, borrowing, and banking. That's why it's so important to help your students see how financial decisions they make now have lifelong impact.

Learn What Your Peers are Trying

Great Lakes is pleased to share Guiding Students to Financial Wellness: A Collection of Case Studies —a collection of real initiatives your peers tackled in an effort to increase student engagement in financial wellness activities. You'll find tips and ideas from case studies of three schools (Blackhawk Technical College, College of St. Scholastica, and Minneapolis Community and Technical College) that used GradReady®, our free online financial wellness solution, to engage their students in programs and activities to enhance smart financial decision-making.

If you're not familiar with GradReady and want to learn more, register now to join us at the next GradReady Quarterly User Group Meeting in May. These highly collaborative meetings have grown in popularity as session participants discuss what's worked on their campus—and what hasn't—to engage students in financial wellness activities using GradReady.

Check Out Our Free Webinars

Great Lakes' trainers have developed several new free webinars to address important Financial Literacy Month topics. Among them are:

To Learn More or Get Started

Contact your Great Lakes representative to learn more about solutions Great Lakes has to offer. Check out our resources and training, or go to our GradReady demo site and create an account so you can try it out. April is a great month to commit to financial wellness for your school and your students!



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