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Centralized, Simple, and Secure—The Net Benefits of ScholarNet for Private Loans

April 17, 2017
ScholarNet Workflow Diagram

When it comes to student loans, the smooth exchange and management of data is critical to the loan certification process. That's why the tool you choose to perform this task must be centralized, secure, and easy-to-use. ScholarNet® for Private Loans—Great Lakes' solution for managing and exchanging private loan data—not only meets but exceeds these requirements by delivering a trusted and simple solution.

If you haven't taken a look lately, we invite you to check out the many net benefits of ScholarNet for Private Loans.

  • Seamlessly functions as a “go between” channel to instantly connect your school to hundreds of private loan providers and over 1,200 loan programs

  • Schools across the nation use ScholarNet for Private Loans to free up valuable staff time by eliminating data collection, manipulation, and aggregation tasks

  • CommonLine-compliant, accessible from any Internet-connected computer, and doesn't require IT staff support from your school

  • Great Lakes products meet all security standards set by the U.S. Department of Education; Using ScholarNet for Private Loans ensures the safe and secure transmission of school, lender, and borrower data

  • Reports are conveniently delivered by subscription or on-demand to Report Inbox

  • Offered separately or as part of Great Lakes' comprehensive private loan processing solution

To learn more about making the move to ScholarNet for Private Loans:

  1. Check out our Ready to Go flyer; System integration, training, and setup can be completed in 10 days or less.

  2. Contact your dedicated Great Lakes representative to schedule a short, online demo.

  3. Attend one of our upcoming ScholarNet Features and Functionality SmartSessions.



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