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Latest Common Manual Revisions

May 10, 2017

The Common Manual has been updated to incorporate changes recently approved by the Common Manual Governing Board.

The Common Manual provides a single, standardized set of current student loan rules and Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) policy guidance. It is available in two formats. The Integrated Common Manual is updated quarterly with policies approved by the Governing Board the previous quarter, while the Electronic Common Manual is released annually. Both formats are available to download from our Common Manual page or via the Common Manual website.

The changes, noted below by subject and section, will be incorporated into the next update of the Common Manual and the Integrated Common Manual. Contact Great Lakes Client Services if you have questions regarding these policy changes.

Subject Common Manual Section
Closed School Discharge 13.8.B Closed School
Loan Rehabilitation and Interest Capitalization

[Previously deferred for additional review and consideration. Approved April 20, 2017]
10.10 Capitalizing Accrued Interest
13.7 Rehabilitation of Defaulted FFELP Loans



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