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Heading to NASFAA? Join Us to Celebrate the Power of Our 50-Year Partnership

May 31, 2017
50th Anniversary Years of Brighter Futures 1967 to 2017

We've spent 50 years working together to make college a reality and build brighter futures. If you're planning a trip to San Diego for the 2017 NASFAA National Conference, come celebrate with us and learn about new ways we can continue to help you and your students achieve their dreams.

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In addition to celebrating 50 years, Great Lakes is also looking ahead with great excitement. We're committed to creating the next generation of solutions that drive student success and further streamline financial aid. We encourage you to stop by our booth and find out more about what we have in the works.

Communication Planning and Execution: The Right Message at the Right Time, Tuesday, June 27, 3:15 p.m.

Reaching students offers unique communication challenges. This session, led by Liz Gross from Great Lakes and representatives from three universities, shares studies from campuses, researchers, and organizations about communicating with college students. You'll take communication strategies and practical tips back to your office.

Promoting Autonomy in a World of Over-Parenting, Tuesday, June 27, 9:45 a.m.

Join Michiale Schneider from Great Lakes and representatives from two public universities to discuss challenges to student success that can be created by over-parenting. You'll identify characteristics of helicopter parents, gain strategies and tips for helping parents let go, and develop tools to help schools be more successful working with over-involved parents.

Soak Up the NASFAA National Conference Experience

When you're not exploring the booths and connecting with Great Lakes, there are lots of other experiences the conference has to offer. It can be hard to fit everything in, so we put together some tips to help you take the most important and impactful actions for a successful conference.

  1. Get an overall picture of your options. Before you leave, visit the 2017 NASFAA Conference site for a complete overview of sessions and activities at this year's conference.

  2. Create a prioritized list of what you need to accomplish (e.g., NASFAA University workshops to attend, people with whom you should connect, and must-do tourist stops) and plan your schedule around hitting these highlights. Work through the most important actions first, and take on next priorities as you're able.

  3. Go for the biggest impact. All session presentations will be made available to you—and your colleagues who may not be able to attend the conference in person—so plan to attend those sessions that will have the most meaningful impact on your needs.

Most importantly, enjoy the chance to bond with your colleagues! So please, come visit with us at NASFAA and celebrate our shared success—the power of our 50-year partnership dedicated to making college education a reality. If you're unable to join us, contact your dedicated Great Lakes Representative to learn more about our exciting new solutions.



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