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Great Lakes is Sparking Change with ScholarNet for Scholarships

June 16, 2017, powered by Great Lakes. Spark Change.

Great Lakes has taken the first steps toward streamlining the delivery of outside scholarship funds with the launch of ScholarNet® for Scholarships, and, a dedicated website to support our campaign to Spark Change from an outdated process. We're streamlining scholarship delivery via electronic funds exchange, and connecting scholarship providers and schools for the good of everyone involved. Get ready to join the movement!

Starting the Movement

ScholarNet for Scholarships, the latest financial aid solution from Great Lakes, makes it easy for you to manage outside scholarship funds. As both a tool and a network, ScholarNet for Scholarships connects scholarship providers to schools through a collaborative system that supports the electronic transmission of information and funds. That means you can save valuable time and effort while ensuring vital external scholarship funding is applied to your students' accounts more quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Great Lakes is currently engaging with scholarship originators to generate excitement and interest in disbursing through ScholarNet for Scholarships. But we need your help—visit to learn how you can receive scholarship funds via the streamlined electronic process, and then register as a ScholarNet for Scholarships school. The stronger the network, the bigger the impact we can have on the scholarship delivery process.

Be a Part of the Scholarship Solution

You have the power to spark change in the lives of your students. Sign up now and join the national initiative to simplify scholarship delivery for everyone involved. Contact your Great Lakes representative to see how you can get started with ScholarNet for Scholarships, and be a part of the Scholarship Movement!



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