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Attigo: Your Next Generation of Student Success Solutions

August 2, 2017

Statistics show there's abundant room for improving students' odds for success.

  • By 2020, it's estimated that 65 percent of all jobs will require a college degree or credential.1
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  • Less than 50 percent of all students who start college complete their programs.2
  • 24 percent of all college students are low-income and first generation students.3
  • Only 9 percent of low-income students complete their degrees.4

Great Lakes is acutely aware of needing to understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to student success, to the tune of investing nearly $225 million in research, grants, and scholarships since 2006. What we've learned helped lead us to the creation of Attigo , a comprehensive suite of supportive solutions to help you help your students achieve success.

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What is Attigo?

A Latin word meaning "to reach" and "to achieve," Attigo reflects our commitment to transforming lives through higher education. We're just getting started with this new set of tools and resources that will focus on financial wellness, persistence and graduation, and delinquency and default avoidance. Our first solution — College Cost Meter™ — helps you send customizable student debt letters (or emails).

Student Loan Debt Letters Work: Required by Growing Number of States

It's easy for students to push a button to accept loans without realizing the impact they will have on their future ability to pay. Numerous instances on campus have proven that awareness is key to improving wise borrowing by students. This led to the introduction of state legislation in Wisconsin that requires schools to use letters or emails to remind students how much they've borrowed to pay for school, estimate future monthly loan payments, and consider their debt load before borrowing more funds. Florida followed suit with legislation similar to that in Wisconsin—and Great Lakes realized how we could help.

Awareness for Wise Borrowing

Blackhawk Technical College reduced annual student borrowing by $700,000 the year after it implemented a new policy requiring at-risk populations to complete in-person and online financial counseling that made them aware of their current debt.

College Cost Meter

In addition to Wisconsin and Florida, several other states also mandate communication to borrowers about their current debt load and/or estimated future payments, with more states expected on the horizon. Great Lakes knows how to create compliant, effective borrower communication because we've been doing it for decades (we are 50 years old)! We built College Cost Meter to be a versatile and cost–effective solution that makes it easy for you to confidently meet your state's requirements.

For More Information

Contact your Great Lakes representative for more information on how Attigo and College Cost Meter can help you help your students. And, keep an eye out for new Attigo solutions on the horizon. We're here to help you empower your students to succeed—in school and in life.

Looking for Financial Wellness Resources?

Our Financial Wellness solutions have expanded to include our growing suite of Attigo Student Success solutions. You'll notice this change when accessing menus or supporting documents.

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