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Use Secure Tools—Rather than Email—to Share Private Information

August 18, 2017

Like Great Lakes, many institutions and businesses offer tools or platforms that allow their customers to securely upload information and minimize risk of identity theft, compromised accounts, and other negative consequences that can result when email accounts are hacked.

There are many different reasons you may need to share sensitive student or institution‐related information with Great Lakes. While general questions and inquiries can always be directed to your Great Lakes representative or Client Services, emails you send to us should never contain sensitive information. In fact, we made changes to our Secure File Upload tool in April because we wanted to make it even easier for you to safely share and efficiently direct confidential information to the right place.

How Can I Use It?

image pointing out where tools and secure file upload are in the Financial Aid Professionals webpage menu

If you haven't been using this tool, or are new to Great Lakes, you can find it by logging into your portal on (To get set up with a Great Lakes account, contact Client Services or your Great Lakes representative.) Once you've logged into your Great Lakes account, click on Tools in the menu bar, look for Secure File Upload, and click on it. It should be pretty easy to follow from there.

What Changed?

Hopefully you've been using this tool to securely transmit documentation to us. Since April, you may have noticed that you're prompted to select from a drop-down menu to indicate the type of documentation you're attaching. This expedites the process of getting information to the right area within Great Lakes for processing. For example, forbearance and deferment forms, borrower death certificates, IDR forms, and enrollment verification forms are all quickly directed to the appropriate area, saving you time and hassle.

contact client services menu that shows where to select the file type

What else do you need to know about this tool?

  • You can include multiple student forms in one file, and Great Lakes will see that it's processed correctly.
  • You can only upload one document per transmission.
  • The size limit for files is 100 MB. If your file is larger than this, please contact Client Services for more direction.

Personal Reminder

Don't take risks with your own personal information; when sharing your financial or personal information with your bank, a realtor, insurance person, or anyone else, don't email it to them. Find out if, like Great Lakes, their institution has a tool on their secure website that allows you to safely upload your documentation rather than transmitting it via email.

For More Information

We're here to make doing your job as secure and efficient as possible, and that won't change—except to get even better. Contact your Great Lakes representative or our Client Services team with any questions.



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