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Be Ready for Student Debt Letter Requirements in Your State

August 18, 2017
a map of the United States highlighting the states that require debt letters

Are you concerned about student debt letter legislation in your state? Great Lakes has an easy-to-use and affordable solution to help you comply. College Cost Meter is a versatile tool that produces the correspondence you need in order to meet the requirements of your state laws.

How College Cost Meter Benefits You

  • Meets Regulatory Requirements. An easy and cost-effective solution to meet requirements while also helping students monitor their indebtedness and confidently assess their situation and prepare for repayment.

  • Affordable and Simple Pricing. A modest annual subscription fee of $1,000 covers the use of College Cost Meter. There is an additional $0.75 charge for each letter we print and mail (per set-up) due to an invalid or missing email or if it is your preferred method of communication to students.

  • Clear and Responsive. Delivers borrower indebtedness information, including the percent of borrowing limit, in plain language and in a format that's responsive to the student's electronic device.

  • No Installation Required. Simply upload your School College Cost Meter File and work with your Great Lakes representative to customize your branding options.
  • Attend A Free SmartSessions™ Training

  • Complete Picture of Data. College Cost Meter uses a school generated file and NSLDS data that we collect, to provide your students with personalized communication and the financial aid details you want them to know.

  • Peace of Mind. Not only is your data protected in accordance to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) but personally identifiable information (PII) is protected using administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.

  • Tracks Outreach for Audit Purposes. Reports track the students who were sent an email or letter, and can be used for audit purposes.

Get Started Today!

Contact your Great Lakes representative to get started, or visit, or attend one of our Student Debt Letters Made Easy SmartSessions for more information.



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