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Great Lakes at Fall Conferences: We're a Constant in a Changing World

August 31, 2017

We've been working in the world of student loans for 50 years, but it never gets old. Federal and private loan options, regulations, technology, the cost of attending college, and the needs of students, employers, and the financial aid office—virtually everything that can impact student success—is constantly evolving.

As usual, Great Lakes plans to attend dozens of state and regional financial aid conferences this fall, but we'll also be at a few new conferences related to student success. We want to learn more about the changing world—and share exciting new solutions we've created to help students succeed. For example, we'll be attending the National Scholarship Providers Association Conference in Seattle in October as we continue to engage organizations in the movement to spark positive change in scholarship delivery.

If you're at a conference this fall, and Great Lakes is, too, make a few minutes to talk with us. As always, we want to hear from you, and we're excited to show you solutions that will help your students overcome barriers to college access, persistence, and successful student loan repayment.

Here's a preview!

  • NEW! Our Attigo suite is a new generation of student success solutions born from our commitment to transforming lives through higher education. Our goal and mission is to help students—and those who help them—to succeed. College Cost Meter, our first Attigo solution to be unveiled, helps address state legislative requirements related to student debt letters and empowers students to achieve better outcomes. Helping you inform your students about the debt they're accruing is essential to putting them on track for success.
  • NEW! ScholarNet® for Scholarships simplifies scholarship delivery and ensures students receive their funds quickly, safely, and efficiently. Familiar with how ScholarNet®for Private Loans streamlines and tailors private loan certification to suit your needs? If so, you'll appreciate how we've carried over that proven technology to help simplify scholarship delivery. And if you're not familiar with either ScholarNet, but you're interested in creating efficiencies, we think you'll be impressed with both.
  • GradReady® is a responsive interactive website you can provide, free, to help your students learn about finances, credit, student loans, budgeting, paying for college, and more. Helping students understand these important life topics early on sets them on a path to success before, during, and after they leave school.
  • Portfolio Navigator and Action Center helps you identify all of your students who are struggling in repayment and use targeted outreach to connect them with their loan servicer for repayment help.

When you make time for you or your staff to attend fall conferences, set aside a few minutes to talk to Great Lakes. Your Great Lakes representative looks forward to seeing you soon.



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