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Use Updated Auto Pay and Third Party Authorization Forms

August 31, 2017

Our Forms page houses many useful forms to make it easy for you to help students with their federal loans. We like to inform you when there are updates to these forms so you and your students are using the latest versions.

Auto Pay Authorization Form

As of August 31, we made some slight changes to the Auto Pay Authorization Form used by your students with Great Lakes-serviced loans. The updated form is available as usual on our website for your students who wish to set up automatic withdrawal payments for their loans serviced at Great Lakes. If you've saved this form somewhere for your students, please make sure you update it with the new one.

Third Party Authorization Forms

When borrowers want a third party to manage or receive information regarding their students loans, we require proper authorization from them beforehand. This helps protect their privacy and prevent financial harm. All three of our Third Party Authorization forms were also recently updated and are available where you usually find them on our website. If you've saved these forms anywhere, or have hard copies, please replace them with the updated forms listed here.

Information Release Consent

Representative's Certification as to the Validity of Information Release Consent

Agent's Certification as to the Validity of Power of Attorney

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