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Official CDRs Expected September 25: Need Support?

September 18, 2017

As announced on September 5, the Fiscal Year 2014 Official 3-Year Cohort Default Rates (CDRs) are slated to be released to all eligible schools, guaranty agencies, and lenders on September 25. Like us, we know you work year-round to help students avoid default. Check out our August 31 announcement that provided tips for improving school metrics using industry-standard reports and Portfolio Navigator's Action Center each month to keep your CDR on track.

You'll also see how student success is much larger than just preventing default. It starts with creating student awareness about borrowing levels while still in school, and helping students see how the decisions they make today impact their financial future.

And, from creating a default prevention calendar to creating financial wellness and default management programs to helping defaulted borrowers rehabilitate their loans, our expert-led free SmartSessions™ webinars on various topics are bound to make CDR season less stressful. Sign up now!



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