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Top 5 Reasons Why College Cost Meter™ is the Student Debt Letter Tool for You

December 5, 2017

A growing number of states, twenty percent in fact, have enacted laws requiring schools to send student debt letters. And, there are more on the horizon. Here are the top 5 reasons why College Cost Meter is the right student debt letter tool for you.

  1. Customizable. Its versatility allows you to customize your letter based on your state's requirements.

  2. Low cost. The low annual $1,000 fee for the use of the tool makes it very affordable.

  3. No installation, easy set-up. Simply upload your file and work with us to customize your branding options.

  4. Experts in student communications. With 50 years of borrower communications success, we know how to do it right and in a mobile-friendly way.

  5. Trusted partner. From data security to customer support we have the infrastructure to deliver sensitive, legislated information to your students.

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Here's What Your Peers Say about College Cost Meter

"Love that it's a very affordable product."
"Customizable, includes all the info that legislation requires and can be expanded to include more."
"Will significantly reduce the number of man hours needed to address [our state's legislation]."
"Ease of implementation will take a lot of burden and time off [our] staff."

States Requiring Debt Letter Legislation

As of December 4, 2017

State When Effective
CA 2018-2019 Award Year
FL 2017-18 Academic Year
IN July 1, 2015
MD July 1, 2018
NE 2017-18 Academic Year
OR 2018-19 Academic Year
TX 2018-19 Academic Year
WA July 1, 2018
WI 2017-18 Academic Year



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