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Reaching Out to Fight Fraud and Identity Theft

March 1, 2018

Unfortunately, fraud and identity theft can happen to anyone at any time—and as we discussed in October, students are ripe for picking by identity thieves. If and when a fraud incident occurs, here's what you can expect from Great Lakes.

Request for Information

After a student submits an identity theft claim to Great Lakes on a loan made for enrollment at your school, Great Lakes reaches out to you with a Request for Information email (keep an eye out for emails with [Your School Name] – Request for Information in the subject line).

This email will let you know a claim has been submitted, and will ask you to follow up by sharing as many of the following documents as possible.

  • Complete ISIR data and verification worksheets, as applicable
  • Original R2T4 calculation worksheets
  • Admissions application(s)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Attendance records or records demonstrating academic performance
  • In–house forms relating to financial aid
  • Income documentation/tax returns submitted by student and/or parents
  • Un–redacted correspondence to and from the student and/or parent if the parent was the borrower, to include emails
  • Copies of any campus identification cards, or other identification, you may have on record
  • The account and routing number into which any excess proceeds ("refund") amounts were deposited, or copies of endorsed excess proceeds ("refund") checks
  • If available, IP address(es), log of phone calls to and from the student, and records of changes in student information.

Is It Real?

We understand that requests for information out of the blue may seem suspicious, but there are a few ways you can verify the legitimacy of a Great Lakes request prior to sharing information.

  • Email requests are sent in Great Lakes-branded templates.
  • In the first paragraph of our request emails, we include a link to a page on Federal Student Aid's website verifying our position as a federal contractor with the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Each request includes contact information for our Fraud and Identity Theft (FIT) Department. If you have any questions about the request, you can contact them by phone or email.

Following up with you after a student reports fraud or identity theft is just one more way Great Lakes is proving our dedication to information security. Have questions? Contact your Great Lakes representative or our Client Services team for assistance.


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