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Your Not-So-Secret Partner in Helping Students

March 26, 2018

It takes many people working together to help students find a way to attend college, search for ways to pay for college responsibly, process loans and payments, and exit college with a degree, an understanding about finances and their obligations, and a plan for finding the repayment help they need. It also takes a team to process loans and payments efficiently.

There's one partner you won't be able to overlook this spring.

Spring Conferences

Great Lakes attends numerous state and regional financial aid administration conferences each spring and fall because our reps are active in the communities in which they work and live. Understanding the challenges you face on campus helps your Great Lakes representative determine which of our solutions may help you work more efficiently or effectively, and provides valuable feedback as we enhance our solutions or develop new ones. We've been working this way for over 50 years and we aren't about to stop now.

Watch for your Great Lakes representative if you attend a state or local conference this spring, and stop by the Great Lakes booth to share your feedback, challenges, and ideas. We're all on the same team to help your students succeed—and as with all winning teams, effective communication is key.

Private Loan Processing Checkups

If you're not attending any conferences this spring—or you don't see your Great Lakes representative while you're there—don't worry. You won't be able to escape your rep for long, since we're right in the midst of completing 1,023 annual private loan processing checkups by the end of May.

If you've been a Great Lakes customer for a while, you can count on seeing or hearing from your Great Lakes representative during the spring months each year because we know your situation and needs change—whether due to policy or personnel changes, demographic trends at your school, or evolving financial resources for tuition. Talking with you lets us know what's working and what isn't, and helps us know how to make adjustments to help you run at peak efficiency in your busy office.

We need your feedback to continually improve any of these solutions you may be using.

We want to make sure you're aware of all the resources we provide to support your efforts—whether it's College Cost Meter to help you easily inform current students about their current borrowing or GradReady® to help your students learn how to manage their money before, during, or after life on campus.

Always Here for You

Even though we create opportunities to talk with you about your challenges, we welcome your feedback any time. Feel free to contact our Client Services team or your Great Lakes representative whenever you have a question or concern.


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