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FASTChoice: Free, Flexible, and Fabulous

March 28, 2018

With financial literacy front of mind for April, we've got plenty of other great 'F' words for you. First up? FASTChoice™. It's free, flexible, and for everyone—and it's fabulous at helping your current or exiting students prepare for financial fitness. Think we'll fail to find other F words? Find out now.

First things first. In case you're unfamiliar with it, FASTChoice's free private loan counseling flow informs current and graduating students who are financing college with private loans.


It costs you nothing—except a few minutes of your time configuring FASTChoice options—to offer this online counseling to your students. You figure out what you feel they need to learn, and we serve up accurate, user-friendly fare that prepares current and exiting students with tools for a healthy financial future.


In case you already forgot, FASTChoice is flexible in terms of the topics you can share with students. But it's also flexible in that you can customize it to use your school colors and include your school logo. Fashioning the FASTChoice flow in a way that makes it feel familiar to your fledglings makes it a fine extension of your financial aid office—and a fantastic financial tool.

For Everyone

Did you know FASTChoice facilitates learning about financial fitness for everyone? On January 18, with minimal fanfare, FASTChoice was updated to comply with all American Disability Act (ADA) requirements, including changes to color, to make it easy for all to use this free counseling, selection, and loan disclosure tool.


Think how fabulous it will feel to share FASTChoice with your students! You're leading them to the fascinating study of important financial lessons that will bear fruit in their future financial fitness. And isn't that the point during Financial Literacy month? (For purposes of this article, we're just sorry it isn't February.)

Find Out More

Contact your Great Lakes representative to learn more about FASTChoice and other solutions to help your financial aid office further the cause of financial fitness.


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