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Don't Miss Out on $1,000 Student Debt Letter Pricing

March 28, 2018

The month of May will launch recent graduates with student loan debt into their grace period. Then comes repayment. But are they ready? Do they understand the amount of debt they have and the monthly payment amount it equates to? Do you feel you've taken solid steps to help ensure they're prepared? These are just a few of the questions prompting the student debt letter movement.

But with limited budgets and over-worked staff we know it can feel like just one more thing for you to do. So let us do it for you! College Cost Meter™ is an affordable, customizable, student debt letter solution to meet legislative requirements while also delivering a critical annual check-in to put your students on a successful path. And, if you lock in by July 31, 2018, you can still get the $1,000 introductory annual fee.

Research shows in-school students benefit from the type of detailed loan information College Cost Meter provides. Too many students are unaware of their total indebtedness, or make enrollment decisions not understanding the impact on their long term financial situation. We make it easy and affordable to keep students informed and empowered to borrow and enroll responsibly.

$1,000 Introductory Pricing — Time Is Running Out

Use your people and money to solve bigger challenges. We've got this. And, at this low price, there's no downside.

graphic that discusses introductory pricing of College Cost Meter

Get Started

Rely on College Cost Meter to comply with your state's student debt letter requirement or to enhance your school's student success strategy to achieve better outcomes. Contact your dedicated Great Lakes representative to get started today.

Here's What Your Peers Say about College Cost Meter

"Love that it's a very affordable product."
"Customizable, includes all the info that legislation requires and can be expanded to include more."
"Will significantly reduce the number of man hours needed to address (our state's legislation)."
"Ease of implementation will take a lot of burden and time off (our) staff."


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