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Memorial Day: Remembering Our Servicemembers

May 10, 2018

Memorial Day (May 28, 2018) is a day to remember and honor the bravery and commitment of our servicemembers. We appreciate everything they do to serve and protect our country. It's our honor to help make them aware of benefits available to assist with paying for college, and managing and repaying their education loans.

Remembering Servicemembers

Each year, prior to Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, Great Lakes takes the opportunity to email all servicemembers with Great Lakes loans to thank them for their service and remind them of the available education–related benefits.

Our specialized hotline, email, and support team is led by, and includes, former servicemembers who understand the challenges servicemembers face related to student loans. This team is skilled at helping servicemembers manage their loans and take advantage of the benefits available to them. In fact, over the past year alone this team was honored to provide support to nearly 50,000 servicemembers.


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