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See Us at the 2018 NASFAA Conference in Austin

June 11, 2018

If you're planning a trip to Austin on June 24–27 for the National Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) 2018 National Conference, find a few minutes while you're there to visit Great Lakes in booth 312. Each year we count this as an important time to reach out, hear about your challenges, and offer solutions that simplify financial aid and make success a reality for your students.

Stronger Than Ever: ScholarNet for Private Loans

The time and hassle of processing private loans can take you away from other, more important tasks in your financial aid office. That's why ScholarNet® for Private Loans (SNPL) is stronger than ever. If you're not using this solution to streamline private loan certification and disbursement, stop by our booth to learn why SNPL continues to grow in market share. While you're there, ask any questions you have about FASTChoice™ for private loan selection and counseling, too!

What We're Talking About: Student Debt Letters

Student debt letters are a hot topic, and the number of states now mandating student debt letters is up to 10. Great Lakes knows quite a bit about communicating with students about loans, helping them understand repayment, working securely with confidential data, and helping you comply with federal and state requirements. Stop by our booth to learn more about our student debt letter solution, College Cost Meter™. Even better, attend a session led by Great Lakes' Vice President of Repayment Solutions Beth Erickson to learn how we champion student success.

  • Why Student Debt Letters Matter Now More Than Ever, Monday, June 25, 2018, 1:30 – 1:50 p.m., Learning Lounge — Exhibit Hall 4 (Austin Convention Center)

    Are student debt letters the next big thing? They've been mandated in numerous states. Whether your school is facing compliance or you're just curious, stop by to learn how these annual check-ups can help students achieve better outcomes. We'll also share insights and best practices to help you implement a student debt letter quickly and effectively.

College Cost Meter: Introductory Price of $1,000 Through July 31!

College Cost Meter™ makes it easy for you to implement student debt communication that is customizable to the needs of your school, and can have a major impact on student success. The best part?

Return your signed contract now through July 31, 2018, and you can lock in our introductory pricing of $1,000 for the annual subscription fee. This includes use of the tool, email sends, and reporting.

After July 31, 2018, the annual subscription fee will increase to $2,500.

Tips for a Great Conference

No matter how prepared you are for a busy and productive conference, a few tips can help you take the most impactful actions to make your conference experience successful.

  1. Preview your options. Before you leave, visit the 2018 NASFAA National Conference site for a complete overview of sessions and activities at this year's conference.

  2. Prioritize your list. Consult the conference schedule to choose your workshops, tourist stops, and networking events, and fit other plans around these top priorities.

  3. Maximize your benefit. Make sure you find sessions that will be beneficial and interesting for you both professionally and personally.

  4. Network and connect. Use the conference as a chance to network with colleagues from your state association or other professional associations. It's a good opportunity to meet people in person, gather information, and share ideas.

If you're unable to join us at the national conference, contact your Great Lakes representative to learn more about the positive impact of student debt letters, other student success solutions, and private loan processing tools.


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