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Going (and Growing) Strong with ScholarNet for Private Loans

June 18, 2018

With hundreds of schools using ScholarNet® for Private Loans, your go-to solution for automating the electronic exchange and management of private student loan data is going strong. Whether you're new to ScholarNet or a veteran user, find out how you can grow along with our network of expert financial aid professionals.

Many of today's students rely on private loans to achieve their educational goals. As a solution-driven leader in the financial aid community, we're proud to offer ScholarNet, a lender-neutral tool that links hundreds of schools and thousands of loan programs for the benefit of everyone involved in the process. In fact, over 850 schools are now using ScholarNet to make a positive impact in the lives of students as part of our biggest processing season to date.

ScholarNet for Private Loans

Grow With Us

If you're just getting started with ScholarNet, or you're a seasoned user looking to advance your knowledge of all the features and functionality available to you, take advantage of our upcoming SmartSessions™ webinar! In this free training session led by our team of industry experts, you'll learn basic information about ScholarNet and how to use some of its main features and functionality, such as working with applications and loans, working with imports and exports, and using ScholarNet utilities and reports.

Upcoming ScholarNet Features and Functionality SmartSessions

Want to Know More? We're Here for You

Interested in learning more about how ScholarNet for Private Loans can help you and your students? Contact your Great Lakes representative for more information.


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