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Attigo Got A Makeover at!

July 31, 2018

Everyone loves showing off a makeover, and we're no different! Come check out our new site at and be sure to register so you don't miss any valuable insights, news, and resources delivered directly to you. Especially because in the next few months will be your exclusive source for student success solutions, as it moves off the Financial Aid Professionals website.

A perfect example of the insights we offer at is the Definitive Guide to Student Debt Letters. You'll be able to impress your colleagues by learning:

  • Which schools must comply with legislation and when
  • Ways to navigate state-based legislation
  • Debt letter best practices

Existing Customer? Don't Worry

If you're currently using Attigo's products (College Cost Meter™, Cohort Catalyst™, or GradReady®) don't worry! Especially because worrying creates wrinkles and we don't want to put frown lines in the new makeover. You'll still access the products the same way you always have, through the Financial Aid Professionals website.

Whether you're a current customer or simply want to visit us to see our fabulous makeover, we would love to hear your thoughts. You can always reach out to us at


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