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Access Review Tool: Annual Review Protects Your Institution's Data

October 12, 2018

Each year, Great Lakes asks you to review which employees at your institution have access to your Great Lakes website account, and to confirm or update their appropriate access (e.g., view, edit, or administration rights). When employees leave your institution or move into other roles, their authorization to access your Great Lakes account changes. Your help with annual review of your account access helps us ensure the security of your account and protect student information from those not authorized to see or use it.

How Does It Work?

We send several reminders before we expire user access—the first being an email sent 45 days prior to your users' portal access expiring. Many accounts are reviewed in the early part of the year, so many of you may start getting email reminders about reviewing access in December or January. You'll also get a follow-up email 30 days prior to the expiration date. If you pay attention to those notifications and take a few minutes to confirm or update access rights using our easy Access Review Tool, you can prevent your eligible account users from being "kicked out" of the account.

Screenshot showing the 'User Account Administration' link under Tools in navigation menu

If An Eligible Employee Loses Great Lakes Website Access

Restoring Great Lakes account access can be easily accomplished by using the Access Review Tool which can be found when you log into your Great Lakes account; it's accessible from the top menu under Tools. Additional assistance can be found on our portal under Loan Servicing Support in Annually Review Your Users' Portal Access.

If your institution's account administrator is no longer employed there or has failed to respond by updating account information, you may have lost the ability to log into your institution's account. If so, please contact Client Services for assistance.

Protecting and securely using important personal and confidential information of all of our customers is a key priority for Great Lakes. Help us by doing your part!


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