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October 12, 2018
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Together, we work to help students access, understand, and receive private education loan funds. Our ScholarNet suite of solutions connects everyone involved to streamline the process for schools, lenders, and students. Now we're pleased to introduce our new website,, as a growing new community and forum we're building to support our customers who work with students.

Solutions for Simplified Private Loan Processing

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Whether you're a school or a lender, you know the challenges of quickly and securely processing private loans for the students you serve. Since 1999, ScholarNet has been helping schools and lenders streamline and automate the certification and disbursement of private loans efficiently in a secure and lender–neutral solution.

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Beginning in 2007, FastChoice made it easy for lenders to write loan programs and scope them to the schools and students they choose. With the same solution, schools can scope and list loan programs they want to display for students, and can even customize online loan counseling, too.

Not familiar with these solutions? Maybe it's time to see what's new with us! Visit and you'll find information about these solutions, how your peers use them effectively, and the impact they can have for your institution.

Resources for Our Community

Have you ever noticed that there's a lingo those of us who work in financial aid speak that our friends, spouses, and children find foreign? Go to ScholarNet Central on, and you'll find others who speak your language. This is a community we're building to help you find case studies, thought leadership articles, and tips that matter to you.

Not sure how others are using ScholarNet? You'll find case studies that show how your peers are using it to streamline certification and management of loan data. Are there crucial education finance, professional development, or financial aid–related topics that you're passionate about or knowledgeable in? We invite you to help us explore and share your areas of expertise in our community.

Who Created and Why?

Learn more about Great Lakes, why we've succeeded, why we're building this forum, and what we've done as a trusted campus partner for the past five decades. You can even meet our ScholarNet team, learn who your Great Lakes representative is, or contact Customer Care with your questions about partnering with Great Lakes.

What Should I Do Next?

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We invite you to explore Sign up to receive the newsletter we'll be starting soon. Browse and share articles and tips you find helpful, follow ScholarNet on LinkedIn, or join our MyScholarNet LinkedIn group.

We at Great Lakes know firsthand what a great group of people work with students in education finance! That's why was created: we want to make it easier for our small, friendly community to stay connected by providing resources and support to help us all do better for the students we serve.


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