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Meet the Team and Join the Conversation:

November 14, 2018

Exceptional two-way communication is at the core of our strong partnership with schools and lenders to provide efficient private loan processing. It's been an important goal for Great Lakes since 1999, when we first introduced ScholarNet—and it's largely what has helped us retain and add new ScholarNet and FastChoice customers, year after year.

Valuable feedback from our school and lender customers has directly led to numerous enhancements we've made to ScholarNet and FastChoice over the years. And, dedicated Great Lakes representatives and an expert Customer Care team have provided strong set–up, maintenance, and proactive support to ensure that things are running smoothly for both schools and lenders.

When Nelnet acquired Great Lakes early in 2018, leaders at both companies agreed that the ScholarNet suite, lender–neutral solutions for private loan processing, plays a vital role for students, and the lenders and schools who serve them. We worked together to create a new website,, to provide support for these solutions, create resources valuable to our school and lender customers, and build a forum for sharing ideas. Do you know the team of folks behind all of this?

Meet the ScholarNet Team

We did away with boring bios for this new site. We dare you to find out more about what makes the people on the ScholarNet team tick—and why they're special.

Check out our Meet Our Team page. If you're a ScholarNet customer, we'd wager a guess that you'll recognize a few of the faces there, including a leader who's always looking for better ways to do things. (Learn more by watching Renola Reports on ScholarNet and Condiments.)

Our ScholarNet representatives have worked with schools and lenders in a variety of capacities, and many of them have been with Great Lakes for 20 years. They've grown with ScholarNet. They understand this solution and the challenges you face. Still, every year, Great Lakes representatives conduct private loan processing checkups to touch base to make sure we're still helping you accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively.

The ScholarNet team also includes marketing and communication folks who have helped create the new website and monitor the LinkedIn channel, providing you with up–to–date content to keep you in the know. Some of these folks have helped to improve the ScholarNet solutions with enhancements, shared important communication about changes or updates, and provided support to Customer Care and Great Lakes representatives. This kind of collaboration and communication is a key ingredient that helps this tight–knit team work together.

Join the Conversation

The conversations you have with Customer Care or your rep when you have questions or concerns aren't the only ones we care about. There are many challenges our school and lender customers face that aren't even related to private loan processing. Our goal with creating is to create a community—a forum where we can all share ideas, important thought leadership articles, case studies, conversations, and ideas. We think there's no such thing as too much support.

If you're on LinkedIn, why not follow us? We're there posting content, posing questions, and sharing ideas. Join the conversation and link your professional profile with experts who share your challenges, along with lots of valuable resources.


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