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LinkedIn Has Changed: Have You Changed Your Profile?

December 6, 2018

If you're on LinkedIn and have visited the platform recently, you likely know it's changed quite a bit since earlier this year. Let's talk about what's changed—and how you should be revising your profile to make the most of your online opportunities.

Maximize an Improved Layout

Changes to the LinkedIn layout can help you better manage your branding on the site. For example, LinkedIn has updated the profile photo, moving it from its previous placement in the center of the cover image to the left side of the cover image. This simple change allows your cover image to show in its entirety, with very little of it covered up. If you haven't yet updated your cover image to best display in the new format, now is a great time to do so in order to make your advertising, branding, and messaging to be more cohesive.

Image template

Social Media Examiner shows how LinkedIn's new cover image and profile image help you tell a more compelling story.

Make Your Profile Strategy Match Your Goals

With this year's changes to LinkedIn, you can more easily tailor profile and Linked In profile strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Headline and Summary

Along with your cover image and headshot, your headline and summary are arguably the most important features of your LinkedIn profile. Why? They're the first thing someone sees when visiting your account. There are a lot of fish in the sea. If you're not using your headline and summary to hook your audience, you're missing the boat.

LinkedIn Header and Summary Image


Now located to the left and with more information displayed, your headline is the perfect place to use keywords and hashtag# to quickly demonstrate your goals, calls to action (CTAs), and expertise. If you haven't updated this in a while, it's likely outdated. Having current information and keywords here will help specific people you want to connect with to find you.


The LinkedIn profile summary has been expanded to allow you to display 56 words before the Show More option. Not only do you have more real estate to attract attention of people who visit your profile, but you can also make it more useful. If there's a problem you're able to solve, make sure you share this information. Your goal is to create content that will prompt action.

Add Media to Increase Engagement

Adding media to your summary makes it a more visual experience. Share your website, an eBook, free checklist, presentation, PDF, or testimonial. Informative or how–to videos, trainings, and updates make your profile more searchable, too. Now you can also incorporate slideshare—a built–in and favored medium of LinkedIn that allows individuals to share content presentations.

Using a variety of media makes your page more inviting and easily understood by individuals who learn and are motivated by a variety of media channels and strategies. Media variety also:

  • Creates new networking opportunities by motivating other LinkedIn residents to connect with you and your content
  • Gives people reason to go deeper into your profile
  • Elevates you to being an expert in your area
  • Triggers conversations that answer or respond to your CTAs
  • Makes your page a valuable resource to others

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for professional networking—online or otherwise. But if you're not staying in touch with its new capabilities and maximizing the opportunities they provide, you might be letting some big fish get away.

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