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The materials available on this page help you ensure your students will successfully repay their loans, while positively affecting your cohort default rate.

Use the materials in this section to assist you in reaching out to students as part of your default prevention efforts.

  • Learn About Portfolio Navigator provides more information on how you can streamline your delinquency outreach approach using Action Center in Portfolio Navigator, which helps you identify and reach out to students who need support and guidance, regardless of who their servicer is.
  • Learn About Portfolio Navigator's Targeted Outreach Templates explains the targeted outreach templates and resources you will have access to by using Portfolio Navigator's Action Center. Image of key signifying locked documents.Log in to view this document.
  • What to Do When Making Default Prevention Calls provides tips and talking points to help you make meaningful and successful default prevention calls.
  • Early Engagement Social Media Resources provides quick tips, sample posts, and suggested content to help you use social media channels to encourage your students to connect with their servicer while still in school.
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    Useful Tip: Early Engagement Social Media Resources is part of the early engagement campaigns available through Action Center in Portfolio Navigator. To fully benefit from these campaigns, and access other campaign materials to help you connect current students with servicer resources, refer to Learn About Portfolio Navigator for more information.

With the materials available in this section, learn how to take advantage of the comprehensive default management reports and data Great Lakes makes available to you.

  • Learn About 3-Year CDRs explains what your school's 3-year cohort default rate (CDR) is, how it's calculated, and when your school receives CDR data.
  • Learn About Portfolio Navigator explains how you can access and use this feature to identify and reach out to specific groups of students, regardless of who their servicer is, with just the help they need, when they need it.
  • Learn About the Service Provider Loan Portfolio Detail Report explains the data that displays on this report and how you can access and use it to analyze your school's portfolio and manage your students' repayment success. You can also download a sample file and header row spreadsheet to help you easily use the data.
  • Learn About the Outdated Contact Information Report and Response Tool explains how you can help us better support your students by easily and securely providing us with updated student contact information. Image of key signifying locked documents. Log in to view this document.

Share materials in this section with your students to help them understand and manage their loans for timely repayment.

Get ideas from stories and case studies that show how your colleagues put our impactful solutions to work as part of their default management strategy.