Student Success Support

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The materials in this section help you drive student success and empower your students to make good financial choices for lifelong success.

Refer to these materials to learn how to use student debt letters to help keep your students on the road to repayment success.

Use this section for help with building a curriculum and partnering with others to gain support for your student success initiatives.

  • Financial Literacy Curriculum is a road map of timely topics, key points to cover, and specific learning activities relevant to various stages of college enrollment.
  • Financial Literacy That Sticks empowers you to build a curriculum, promote financial wellness, and engage students in lifelong financial learning.
  • Early Engagement Social Media Resources provides quick tips, sample posts, and suggested content to help you use social media channels to encourage your students to connect with their servicer while still in school.

Share materials in this section directly with your students to help them learn about finances, make wise financial decisions, and adopt healthy financial practices for lifelong success.

Learn how to use data to plan, execute, and evaluate your student success activities.