Repayment Plans 2.0: Strategies and Insights to Help Borrowers Succeed

Multiple repayment options like IBR, ICR, Pay As You Earn, and REPAYE, in addition to several other choices, can bring confusion to borrowers. Many do not fully understand the required significance of selecting a repayment plan. However, when they choose one that fits their needs, they're more likely to successfully repay. Attend this session to learn strategies and insights to help your borrowers navigate the repayment process. [Duration: 75-minutes]

Specific topics covered include:

  • Details of the repayment plans - who qualifies and how?
  • Pros and cons of each plan
  • Techniques for helping your students develop a repayment strategy

Upcoming Date

  • Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 2:00 p.m. CST