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Access and manage all of your Great Lakes data and reports in one convenient location

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You need all kinds of information to do your job and meet your goals. From loan servicing and lender reports that display Great Lakes data to tracking private loan processing activities, Report Inbox can help. It delivers dependable data in a flexible format, in one simple, streamlined location.

How It Helps You

View all of your reports in one, convenient location.

Select from several flexible and user-friendly formats so that you can choose report options that work for you.

Get the reports you need by either subscribing to have them sent to you automatically on a recurring basis, or run them on demand to have custom reports delivered to your inbox.

Connecting with Schools

With Report Inbox, you can view the Outdated Contact Information report that lists student loan customers who have outdated contact information on our servicing system. Providing current student loan customer contact information that you've received and verified allows Great Lakes and your partner schools to connect with them, which plays a critical role in delinquency management and repayment success.

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