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Whether you're just getting started with Great Lakes, or you've been partnering with us for years, you'll want to check out Support Central. There, you'll find a wealth of supporting materials; from step-by-step procedures to forms and product overviews. We continue to expand our online library with more information to help you meet your goals.

How It Helps You

Find resources and information grouped in easy-to-view sections, so that you can quickly locate what you need.

Rest assured that resources and documents are updated on a regular basis so that you always have the latest version.

Access content from any Internet-connected computer; for security purposes, some content may require you to log in.

Connecting with Schools

Helping student loan customers is truly job one for us—and it all starts with providing our partners with the assistance, answers, and online resources you need to accomplish your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Support Central allows you to access Great Lakes' materials online so you have the information you need to help schools and student loan customers.

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