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Protecting You:
Keeping Your Sensitive Information Safe

Example screenshot of the secured email.

The security of your sensitive information is extremely important to you—and to us.

At Great Lakes, we understand the importance of the trust you place in us to protect this information, and we take extensive measures to make sure we maintain that security at all times.

Security extends to the emails we send you. If an email we send you contains sensitive information, we take measures to protect it so only you can see it. You may have received an email from us that asks you to open an attachment, and you're wondering if it is legitimate. Yes—it's legitimate. The email is sent securely by Great Lakes to protect your sensitive information.

Our email security system identifies and encrypts emails that contain personal information. This prevents the sensitive information in the email from being compromised if it is intercepted before it reaches you. Further, the encrypted email, protected by an industry-leading email security product, can only be opened by you with a user ID and password selected by you.

Personal information includes data that by itself can identify a person, such as a name or SSN, or a combination of data that can be used to identify a person, such as mother's maiden name and a date of birth. When the email is encrypted, your sensitive personal information is protected, and the email is still accessible on your desktop or mobile device.

For more information on our new secure email process, read Access and Send Secure Emails Via Your Email Provider in Support Central, our online library of supporting documents.

You can also send files securely to your Great Lakes representative or our Client Services team by logging into your account and clicking the link for your representative's name or Client Services within My Support Team.

Our Goal Is Protecting Your Data

We make security an integral part of our process, and we apply the highest level of information security to all of the data we obtain. We comply with National Institute of Standards and Technology information security standards, among the most stringent in the industry. We also undergo internal and external security audits to ensure these high standards are met. Our goal is to protect your data and ensure it is never compromised. It's a job we take very seriously.

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